The economy is based mostly on agriculture. The main products are corn, pictured also in the arms of Eastern Delgamia, cocoa, sugarcane and bananas. Also vegetables, fruits, and peanuts are grown for domestic needs.

Forests are also important for the republic. As people who liked to work manually were encouraged to move to the dependencies in the Free Confederacy of Lendian Republics, there is high-skilled craftsmen in Eastern Delgamia. Wood is a very important material. The most well-known products are the luxury handmade mahogany furniture. There is also other forms of lumber industry and some food industry in Eastern Delgamia.

Tourism is becoming bigger and bigger. The clean beaches in Tiediz are attracting more and more tourists. Mostly Morconians nowadays, but hopefully also international tourists find these beautiful beaches in the future.

At the start of December 299 four nations, Aros, Brolecia, Eastern Delgamia and San Patricio, decided to establish a new common currency for their nations. The currency will be called the MESTO mark. One mark will be worth 1.3406 Christiana Crowns. The mark will replace current currencies over a period of three months. The MESTO mark will also be the official currency of Mestonia Park, this change took place immediately at the start of December.

The old currency used in Eastern Delgamia was the funho (EDF), 1 EDF = 100 euhulus, e. 1 EDF = C$ 0.47. After February 300 all banks in Eastern Delgamia still exchange the old funhos for the MESTO mark (and other major currencies) for a five years time (until March 305).

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Republic of Eastern Delgamia is an imaginary nation by Teemu Mehtiö.
Republic of Eastern Delgamia is part of a game, ImagiNations, by Edward Mooney, Jr.