Eastern Delgamia is a republic. Independence: 20th February, 299.

Foreign Representatives in Eastern Delgamia


The president has no real power. His most important duty is to act as a Chairman of the Parliament during the first day after new Parliament is appointed. After the Parliament has voted a new Chairperson, the president will step down.

After the president has been elected by popular vote, only the Parliament can discharge him with a vote. A vote is organized after a new Parliament is chosen and whenever thirty or more members of the Parliament demand for it. However, a vote can be held only every other month.

Current president is Mr. Mendek Karastourru, elected on the 26th of May, 299.


The Parliament is elected every other year by popular vote. There are 100 seats. After new Parliament is chosed, a new Council of Ministers and Chairperson of the Parliament are elected.

The Chairperson has no right to vote in the Parliament. Currently Mr. Iparhe Lekumberhe (NC) is the Chairperson of the Parliament.

Seats in the Parliament by party:
Party Seats in the Parliament
National Coalition (NC) 41
Social Democratic Party (SDP) 22
Eastern Delgamian Liberal Party (EDLP) 10
Church and State (CS) 8
Greener Delgamia and Vexillium (Green.) 8
Workers' Party (WP) 6
Communists in Eastern Delgamia (Comm.) 4
Freedom for Pagania Movement (FPM) 1

Council of Ministers

Ministers are elected by the Parliament and they also are all members of the Parliament. Except the Minister of Defense, who is an actice officer in the Eastern Delgamian Defensive Forces and is appointed by the Defensive Forces. Currently there are ten ministers.

Ministers can be discharged by the Parliament with a vote. Either only a one minister or the whole Council of Ministers at a time.

Council of Ministers and their political commitment
Prime Minister: Mr. Alare Arociaho (NC)
Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Interior: Mrs. Oroa Etxelekhu (CS)
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mr. Zohil Aristidho (NC)
Minister of Justice: Ms. Igoza Apataza (NC)
Minister of Environment: Mr. Antson Celayanhe (Green.)
Minister of Treasury: Mr. Ortizi Chavharhi (NC)
Minister of Defense: Gen. Belahdo Conceido (-)
Minister of Social Affairs: Mr. Juangumhe Karhanza (Green.)
Minister of Culture, Sports and Education: Mrs. Ladei Loisiente (CS)
Minister of Agriculture, Industry and Trade: Mr. Matadi Urkiza (WP)

Diplomatic Relations
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Foreign Representatives in Eastern Delgamia:
Federated Republic of Allacoa Embassy of the Free and Independent Republic of Aros Embassy of the Federal Republic of Brolecia Embassy of the Burovian World Assembly Embassy of the United Kingdom of Caboteniasa Embassy of the Cruisian Principality of Cimera Embassy of the Kingdom of Elafites and Zufites Embassy of the People's Republic of Extremo Embassy of the Sultanate of Feniz Embassy of the Republic of Islandia Embassy of the Great Nations of Leiputria Embassy of the Lendosan Confederation Embassy of the Listonian Free State Embassy of the Imperial Confederation of Namuria Embassy of the Federal Republic of Neoliliana and Western Gorami Embassy of the People's Republic of Porto Capital Embassy of the Estado Unido de San Patricio Embassy of the United Peoples Republic of the Maritimian Islands Embassy of the Kingdom of Vingarmark Embassy of the Federal Republic of Whitlam

The Military Attaché of the Free and Independent Republic of Aros

International Organizations:

Free Confederate Community Melanian Sea Treaty Organization United Nations of Vexillium
Visit the Mestonia Park

International Treaties Signed:

The Glaciaria Convention

The Valarium Pact

The Diplomatic Seals of Eastern Delgamia:

Embassy Seal of Eastern Delgamia Consulate Seal of Eastern Delgamia

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Republic of Eastern Delgamia is an imaginary nation by Teemu Mehtiö.
Republic of Eastern Delgamia is part of a game, ImagiNations, by Edward Mooney, Jr.