Once upon a time the State of Morconia was a associated land and Pagania a dependency of the Free Confederacy of Lendian Republics, one of the greatest nations on the planet Vexillium. But in February, 299 everything was about to change. On the February 17th there were a referendum in the State of Morconia and in Pagania. The citizens were asked: "Do you support the joint dis-association of Morconia and Pagania from the Free Confederacy of Lendian Republics, and the creation of a new joint independent Morconian-Paganian state?"

The results were very clear. In Morconia 87.1% and in Pagania 77.9% voted yes. The Confederate People respected the decision Eastern Delgamia had made and so Eastern Delgamia became fully independent on Sunday, the February 20th, 299.

All Lendian military forces left Eastern Delgamia on the February 25th. Republic of Eastern Delgamia was completely on its own.

After a referendum held in the South Novoyoakes (or Southern Delgamia) in summer 299 part of this territory decided to join the Republic of Eastern Delgamia. The Autonomous Territory of Deyoank was formed.

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Autonomous Territory of Deyoank

Republic of Eastern Delgamia is an imaginary nation by Teemu Mehtiö.
Republic of Eastern Delgamia is part of a game, ImagiNations, by Edward Mooney, Jr.