The area of Eastern Delgamia is rather sparsely populated. There are no large cities. The biggest cities are located in Morconian north-east coast. There are the capital city, Esbepenoa, and the biggest city Filorro. In Pagania most of the population is on the biggest island, Otagia. The smaller islands, Miana, Barha and Isla Kerostos are almost uninhabited.

3,119,900 (298 est.), Morconia 3,093,300 (298 est.), Pagania 26,600 (298 est.)

Biggest cities:
City Population
Filorro 361,400
Esbepenoa 208,800
Porhuz 100,200
Jemenho 98,700
Ihenious 72,300
Vila Lonada 65,100
Kurusus 43,800
Redveho 31,300

A Map of Eastern Delgamia

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Autonomous Territory of Deyoank

Republic of Eastern Delgamia is an imaginary nation by Teemu Mehtiö.
Republic of Eastern Delgamia is part of a game, ImagiNations, by Edward Mooney, Jr.