Eastern Delgamia Football Association

A Member of the IVEFA The Logo of Eastern Delgamia Football Association A Member of the NOVEFA
A Member of the IVEFA A Member of the NOVEFA

After the independence Morconian Soccer Federation joined with the one in Pagania (a small one) and formed the EDFA. The EDFA doesn't differ a lot from the Morconian Soccer Federation. Most people working for MSF continued their work in the EDFA, including the Director Mr. Icezi Gangotiho and national team head coach Mr. Jounhe Olibeireinha.

Visit the official page for the Eastern Delgamian Football League to see the complete results from the league.

The Eastern Delgamian Football Cup has been playeed for the first time. Lexho Eternity was victorious. Visit The Cup Page.

The best Eastern Delgamian players are introduced in a separate page. The Players.

The national team is also in the Internet. Uniforms, players, games and statistics. The National Team.

Football Stadiums in Eastern Delgamia
Province City Team Stadium and Capacity
Jarhaja Ihenious Ihenious Icarus Ihenious Arena, 8,000
Lexho Redveho Lexho Eternity Redveho Central Field, 4,300
Lonada Filorro Filorro Phantoms Filorro Football Arena, 38,300
Pagania Huana Pagania Sting Rays The Lagoon, 1,200
Teutomedria Kurusus Kurusus Twilight Warriors The Twilight Zone, 5,600
Tiediz Porhuz Tiediz Atoms Porhuz Sports Field, 14,400
Verchia Esbepenoa Esbepenoa Protozoa Esbepenoa Central Stadium, 24,400

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Republic of Eastern Delgamia is an imaginary nation by Teemu Mehtiö.
Republic of Eastern Delgamia is part of a game, ImagiNations, by Edward Mooney, Jr.